Medical and Safety Information



Obviously your safety is of paramount importance during the event.  While all steps will be taken to ensure this I must stress that ultimately you are responsible for your own well-being and safety while on the Camino. 

Vaccinations and medications- you are encouraged to check about appropriate vaccinations with your doctor prior to departure.  You should be aware that some vaccinations require a minimum period before they are fully effective, so don’t wait until the last moment to check about them.


While we cannot, owing to the adventurous nature of this event, guarantee your safety.  All possible precautions to minimise the dangers will be taken but the event remains one that you undertake at your own risk.  Prior to starting the event, you will be required to complete and sign a disclaimer form which acknowledges your own responsibilities in joining the expedition.

You will require your own insurance policy to cover personal belongings, repatriation and any extended medical care you may require. 

Compulsory Equipment

Some kit

In order to take part safely on the expedition, you must be able to demonstrate that you have the following compulsory items of equipment.  These are in the interests of your own safety.

Compulsory items are as follows:





Pen knife

Torch + at least 1 spare set of batteries. (Ideally a head torch)


Sun protection

Basic first aid kit


Full body cover (lightweight trousers and top)

You must carry all compulsory items on all stages of the event.  Should the carrying of weight cause problems for you please get in touch so we can discuss other option

Then this

Additional Recommended Equipment

In addition to the above compulsory items, it is recommended that you give consideration to bringing the following additional items to make your trip more comfortable:

 sun glasses, toiletries.

Event Navigation

This will be a fully supported expedition and no level of navigational ability will be required.


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