Question:  What happens when I arrive in Spain? 

Answer: When you arrive in Spain you’ll be met by a team representative who’ll direct you to the group transportation. You will then travel with your fellow trekkers to the hotel which is close to the starting point of the trek. You will stay overnight in this hotel for a little R&R before beginning the trek early the next morning.

Question:  What sort of people typically take part in this type of trek? 

Answer:  Everyone and anyone!  Different people come for different reasons and you can expect to meet people of both sexes, all ages and greatly varying ability. You don’t need to be an elite athlete for these types of treks but you will need piles of determination and a thirst for challenge and adventure.

Question: How do I convince sponsors that its not a holiday?

Answer:  You will need to spend months training and fundraising, before undertaking a demanding physical challenge. All three of these elements take time, effort and commitment. You will be training for many months to get fit, raising thousands of pounds for charity, and then undertaking a physically demanding challenge. It takes time, effort, dedication and commitment and is far from just a holiday.


Question: how fit do I need to be?

Answer: The very nature of this Trek means a certain level of fitness is required. Our challenges are designed to be demanding, as you need to earn your sponsorship money, so getting fit is part of the challenge. Fitness Training notes will be made available at the meetings and we recommend you spend at leastthree months before your trip getting fit and building up stamina. You do not need to be professional in your chosen sport but the more prepared you are the more you will enjoy the trek. Only you can judge how fit you are and what you are capable of achieving so be sensible but adventurous. Don’t forget people are sponsoring you to undertake a challenge. Set yourself realistic goals, but remember that the more prepared you are, the more you will enjoy the challenge.


 ”I, am worried that I, am not fit enough, do you think I can do it!”

Most people start out thinking this way, but if you prepare in plenty of time by training and have the right mental attitude you will be amazed at what you can achieve, this challenge has been designed to be achievable for most people for average fitness.


 “What is the food and accommodation like”?

For most people, the attraction of traveling to different countries and remote areas are the new sights and experiences, sometimes new experiences can make life, harder or more inconvenient than you may like, such as toilet hygiene or different food, or simply a different attitude to solving problems, this is all part of the challenge? You WILL be out of your comfort zone

If you have any further queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Denis Griffin.

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